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Our number One remedy for colds and flu



Bio-Strath elixir tonic

A convenient, proven effective way to strengthen resistance to colds, flu and illness, to speed up recovery after illness and to help regain and sustain good health.


Save £2 on 250ml size - down from £15.49 to £13.49


Hubner Iron tablets

Iron is essential to our bodies; it is the building block for the pigment in the red blood corpuscles, it helps to feed our cells and organs with oxygen.


Hubner iron tablets offer only £6.48 (normally £12.95)


Viridian Cherry Night

Try this cherry based nightcap if you want to improve your sleep patterns.


Save £5 - reduced from £24.95; now only £19.95


Rice Pure

Red yeast rice may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels if you use it alongside a healthy diet.


Save £2 - reduced from £10.49; now only £8.49



Medi Bee

A UMF certified and high quality manuka honey from New Zealand.


Save £6 - reduced from £20.99; now only £14.99




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Be Prepared for Winter with our special offers on Vitamins C & D

Quest Vitamins

Vitamin C

With added bioflavinoids



Quest Vitamins

Vitamin D

"The Sunshine Vitamin"



Special Winter Pack from Nature's Aid

High-Quality nutritional supplements

50% extra-fill packs



Salt of the Earth Pure Aura deodorant

Considering a natural deororant?

Save £1 - Now £4.99 (usually £5.99)






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